Jonoven Tiere

An older and seemingly three-armed bard.


Stats: STR: 10 | CON: 13 | DEX: 13 | INT: 16 | WIS: 8 | CHA: 20

Defenses: AC: 19 | FORT: 15 | REF: 18 | WILL: 20

Skills: Acrobatics: 3 | Arcana: 10T | Athletics: 2 | Bluff: 12T | Diplomacy: 14T | Dungeoneering: 2 | Endurance: 3 | Heal: 2 | History: 6 | Insight: 4 | Intimidate: 12T | Nature: 2 | Perception: 2 | Religion: 6 | Stealth: 3 | Streetwise: 12T | Thievery: 3

Gear: Vanilla scimitar, vanilla longbow, empty ritual book, Wand of Psychic Ravaging +1, Amulet of Protection +2, Shared Suffering Hide +1, Fey-blessed Circlet.


From tragedy comes mirth, and from pain, wit.

Jonoven’s first adventures went well. He and some friends had formed a thriving adventuring quartet. Business was good for the fledgling archer and his youthful compatriots.

After an incursion with some Wildbloods, things soured rapidly. Perhaps their profile had risen too quickly, or perhaps some some took offense to their boisterous braggadocio. Jonoven barely survived the paralytic in the celebratory ale and the raid that followed.

After the conflict, the only remaining trace Jonoven could find of his friends was a severed hand, recognizable only by the signet ring of his missing friend, Lono.

Jonoven attempted to have Lono resurrected from the hand, but the ritualist was unsuccessful, and unwilling to give Jonoven’s gold back, instead bound the hand to the outraged boy as a familiar.

Unwilling to accept his inability to save his friends and mildly disturbed by the roving presence of his friend’s disembodied hand, Jonoven ran away and joined the circus. Yes.

Initially hired for his prowess with a longbow, Jonoven’s trick shot performances drew even larger crowds when he and Lono’s hand sorted out their differences and learned to work together during the show.

Over the years, Jonoven took to many of the carnival trades.

From the barkers and callers, he learned sincerity and duplicity. From the crotchety old master illusionist, he learned that wands could be as effective as bows. From the minstrels and clowns, he learned how to laugh and sing again.

For many, many years, Jonoven Tiere found satisfaction, comfort, challenge, and family amongst the wagons and tents of the traveling carnival.

Though he grew into and old with his new life, he remained committed to helping solve the mystery of Lono’s resurrection resistance. The carnival’s travel circuit allowed him to consult with ritualists far and wide throughout Falcatta.

During one such consultation, calamity struck again. While Jonoven was in the city being informed yet again that nothing could be done, a Lorec raiding party ripped through his campsite, slaughtering the men, women and children of the circus.

After several days of mourning, Jonoven committed to visiting each village and city of the remaining carnival tour to honor his fallen family.

But in each city, the ritualists continued disappoint him with their answers.

There were still a dozen or so cities left to visit before the last scheduled show in Tor Sera, but Jonoven was determined to fulfill his obligations to the fallen, both old and new.

Jonoven Tiere

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