The Queen's Tale

The Queen knows the truth, but how to get to her?

The once beautiful city of Celes has been perverted since the end of the war. It’s natural feel and wooded parks now gone. The renowned Garden was razed, along with the civilians who were making their last stand there. Now all that remains are city blocks, divided into districts to suit Lorec’s needs.

The party finally makes it to Celes, only to find that the security between the districts is difficult to navigate. With the help of a book merchant and a street urchin, the party managed to make their way across the city stealthfully to the Gardens. The ashened ruins of the once beautiful woods also appeared to be home of the slain civilians. The spirits did not take well to the party’s appearance, especially that of Khalid. However, they listened to reason, and allowed them to pass.

The party neared the royal palace and found a small section of the Garden that had been re-seeded, and cared for by the Queen. Camping out, they waited for Queen Aedwynn to return.

Escorted by a contingent of guards, who seemed very frightened of the spirits of the Garden, Queen Aedwynn eventually arrived. She was allowed to work on the plot alone, but within easy sight of the guards giving the party an opportunity to whisper to her. What she said was surprising.

She had seen the party in a dream, coming for her aid, and she alluded to the fact that she might know ‘exactly’ who they were, whatever that means. Also, the biggest news that she had to relate was that ‘Rina’ was indeed her daughter. A ritual had been done to erase her existance from the memories of those who had known her, as well as to remove any trace of her from the history books. This was for her own protection, as Queen Aedwynn mentioned that her daughter held the ‘Key’ for something that Lorec was desparate to get. It was her thought that this ‘Key’ may have been the primary reason for the War of Consolodation. As such, it was necessary to send her away and hide her, even at the great cost of Falcatta’s best army and all of the citizens of Celes. She asked the party to retrieve her daughter, and get to whatever object Lorec was after.

She also had a few things to say to a few of the individual party members:

She seemed quite pleased with Erbrin. Apparently, Rina was a classmate of his, back when he was young. The Fencrasteils’ were a well respected family in Falcatta’s royal circles, and the Queen told Erbrin that it was their bloodline’s duty to keep watch over Demon’s Path. She confirmed the rumor that there is indeed an artifact somewhere beyond its borders, and that it is likely what Lorec searches for.

Queen Aedwynn also showed sympathy to Solomon. She knew of the horrible possition she put the army in, the last day of the War. It was a suicide mission that was a gamble from the get go, it was only luck that allowed her daughter made it to safety. As such, she begged for forgiveness and asked the fighter if he could continue his duty to the crown and protect her daughter.

She was also intregued by Khalid al-Nichta. Apparently, whatever means she had of foretelling the party’s arrival also betrayed the warlock’s torn loyalties. She didn’t seem threatened by the sickly man, though. In fact she seemed happy that he was attempting to bring out his sister’s soul from the dream world. She even offered an item that would contribute to that goal. However, she seemed to be holding something back regarding the endevour.

Once the knowledge was conveyed, the party attempted to slip out of the city. However their cover was blown, and they were forced to fight the Lorec militia. The battle was quickly won, and the party managed to slip out into the night, heading toward a new goal that Queen Aedwynn mentioned:

An obsidian temple.



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