Three millennia ago the infamous Demon King was executed…

Then the Sands came to Ciril.

In the chaos following his death, not much attention was devoted to it, and by the time people learned of its threat, it was too late. The Sands grew, year by year, bit by bit, slowly swallowing fertile lands, sometimes cities, and in time, whole countries. With the Sands came the Reapers, spectral agents of death and shadow. Those left behind in the Sands were never seen again.

Only three nations remained when the Sands stopped its advance five hundred years ago: Falcatta, Lorec, and Daelin. Of which only Lorec remains intact. Daelin collapsed in on itself shortly after the halt of the Sands, and Falcatta recently lost its independence in a war with the Blood of Lorec.

The former lands of Falcatta are now being resettled. Its unique lands offer excellent farming, wood and ore, but it is almost completely trapped by the Sands, the broken lands of Thelin and the cursed woods of Demon’s Path. As such, there is always danger afoot…


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