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This campaign uses the Core D&D 4th Edition rules with a few modifications (see below). To keep creep to a minimum, you can use the following sources (there may be some restrictions for flavor in these sources):

  • Player’s Handbook
  • Player’s Handbook 2
  • Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide
  • Adventurer’s Vault
  • Adventurer’s Vault 2
  • Martial Power
  • Arcane Power
  • Divine Power

Please note that there have been some modifications via way of errata.

Generating Ability Scores

Instead of the standard 22 point build, use a 25 point build instead (Method 2 in PHB).


Please choose from Good, Lawful Good and Unaligned.


Religion in Ciril is divided into two camps: Those who worship deities and those who worship the Ancestors. Neither faction holds much official power in Ciril, as many feel that divine entities have abandoned them to their own fates.

Those who worship deities likely belong to the holy order of Lorec. We will be using the standard pantheon from the PHB (FRPG deity-specific feats will be available under the standard pantheon). As a worshipper of a god, you get a free use of your deity-specific Channel Divinity Feat power that doesn’t count toward you one Channel Divinity power per encounter limit (but it will still exhaust that particular power). You have a limit of one trained deity-specific and one domain specific Channel Divinity feat, but you can retrain these to another if you so choose.

Those who worship their Ancestors likely grew up in Falcatta. As a worshiper of the Ancestory, you can gain access to all Channel Divinity feats, and through the course of your adventures, you may obtain multiple Channel Divinity powers (some of which may be granted without the cost of a feat), increasing the versatility of your character. Each Channel Divinity feat will require a one-time task worthy of the type of Ancestors you are attempting to appease before you are able to utilize its designated power.


Ciril is solely comprised of mixed heritage humans. While your character may not ‘look’ like an elf or dwarf, your mixed heritage will have most of the traits of your chosen race.

Please choose a race (heritage) from the PHB or PH2. Also note that there is a bit of cast culture regarding which heritage you hail from, so if you have any questions, let me know.

When you choose a race, you gain all of the benefits except for the following:

  • Choose only one +2 ability trait from your race ability scores.
  • Your size remains medium.

As a bonus benefit with your mixed heritage, you also:

  • Gain a bonus feat at first level
  • Gain access to all [human] feats

If you choose to play a pure blooded human:

  • Gain the Human Perseverance feat for free (in addition to your bonus feat)
  • Gain two bonus languages instead of one in addition to common
  • Gain a +1 racial bonus to initiative.

List of known heritages and backgrounds:

  • Drakebloods (Dragonborn) – Very rare in Ciril. Usually found in the employe of the Blood of Lorec.
  • Stoutbloods (Dwarf) – Many can be found near the border of the broken lands of Thelin, both in Lorec and the former lands of Falcatta.
  • Feybloods (Eladrin) – Much of Falcatta’s royalty was Feyblooded, as such they are regarded with suspicion in Lorec.
  • Swiftbloods(Elf) Fiercely loyal to Falcatta before the War, they were and remain the backbon of the Warder organization.
  • Commonbloods (Half-Elf) – While the name is seemingly derogatory in nature, the fact is that they have a natural tendency to get along with the common man. It is quite unsurprising to find them in positions of political power.
  • Lithebloods (Halflings) – Tend to always be on the road and willing to travel. They make up a good part of the merchants in Ciril.
  • Purebloods (Human) – Rairly rare, but they can be found in any sort of environment. They are easily adaptable with a strong will to survive. Daelin’s former citizens were primarily purebloods.
  • Flamebloods (Tiefling) – Perhaps the most rare of all of the bloods. It is rumored that they have been hunted perhaps nearly to extinction by the ancestors of Falcatta for some long forgotten feud. Those that remain try to keep their heritage hidden.
  • Soulbloods (Deva) It is said that the Soulbloods were the original conduit for divine power on Ciril. When a sect of practitioners began to derive power from their ancestors (soon after the fall of the Demon King), a religious war between the two factions reduced their numbers greatly. Now, only a small amount of soulbloods remain. Of those, only a few remain in a church. The memories of blood and pain are too much to bear for many.
  • Mystbloods (Gnome) – They are widely known as some of the best advisors of the Blood, there is also a large contingent in Rosedon, where the Great Library stands.
  • Wildbloods (Goliath, Half-Orc & Shifter) – While technically three different heritages, they are equally feared amongst the population of Falcatta. They are believed to have come from either beyond the veil of Demon’s Path or from the broken lands of Thelin. The old tales tell of a wild hoard bursting from the northeast in ages past… Those wit any of these heritages learn to hide them well, or risk being cast out.

Other heritages exist, but they aren’t as well known as the ones listed above in Ciril’s annals.


Martial, arcane and divine classes are encouraged over primal classes. This is mostly to assist with the ease of your character fitting in within Ciril. The primal classes are considered taboo, a practice of the Wildbloods (see above). It is a bit easier to hide your heritage than it is to hide your ‘power source’. If you really wish to play a primal class, let me know and we’ll try to work something out.


If you wish, feel free to come up with ideas for a personalized paragon path or epic destiny. I’ll try to work your concept(s) into a fancy custom made ‘cool thing’ for you.

Magic Items

You can’t routinely buy or sell magic items in this campaign. You can use the Enchant Magic Item and Disenchant Magic Item rituals to create the items you want and convert unwanted items into residuum.


Large scale teleportation (such as Linked Portal, Planar Portal, True Portal, etc.) are unknown in Ciril.


Character death can and likely will happen, but there will be opportunities to resurrect your character. There will be no XP penalty for death, but it will require resources and the Raise Dead ritual.


I’ll be working with you to come up with a background based primarily on your racial heritage, your class, and (of course) your own preferences. Backgrounds will generally privide some minor skill bonuses , as well as set your character up with a personal minor and/or major quest.

Campaign Rules

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