Tag: Lorec


  • Lady Reiss

    She is unhappy of being stationed at Tor Sera, but is fair to those seeking her assistance. She is also a surprising supporter of keeping the peace for being one of the Blood. She has been put in the post of Lorec's overseer of Tor Sera, and did well …

  • Lieutenant Fanroth

    While young at the time of the War of Consolidation, he won a fair amount of distinctions while serving in the Black Ravens, earning him his post in Tor Sera. He has made a name for himself for finding criminals and earning convictions. He was an avid …

  • Critwall

    Not much is known about Critwall. He's fairly lax on any details regarding himself, and his loyalty is also questionable. What is known is that he was hired to prevent the PCs from stopping the trial of

    Jeras Falck

    Not much is known of Jeras Falck. Apparently, he was in league with some starving creature being kept below Vanamere's tower. It seemed that it was his intention to feed kidnapped children to the creature for some unknown reason.

  • Lord Tresker

    Extrememly young to be given such responsibility, but he appears to fourish under pressure. He has no qualms about his duty to the empire, and enjoys his position of power. He is renowned as a prodigy of the divine arts and was appointed into the High …

  • Raine

    A pretty young girl of about 16 years old. The similarity to Critwall is unmistakable, however she appears to be about 10 years his junior. She has been cloistered amongst the Lorec troops for nearly 6 years, and now smells the air of freedom. She …