Arianna ‘Rina’ Aedwynn

The uncrowned princess of Falcatta


First met in a vision as a young girl, who appeared to be around 13 years old. Her style of dress seems a bit unfamiliar. She had piercing light blue eyes that contrast sharply with her long dark hair. She seemed constantly worried.

In actuality, she is a beautiful young woman around 19 years old. Her eyes still seem to see truths beyond what is apparent. Her garb seems a bit tattered from years of solitude, and she seems unwilling to open up to others.


At first nothing was known about this girl except her name and that she was able to discern that the ritual vision Andoliath Dinn conjured was in fact, a dream. A dream gone horribly wrong. She also seemed to be especially intuitive, almost to the point of reading minds.

It was then revealed that she was the former Queen of Falcatta’s daughter, concieved with her consort Banaar Wynfreid. A ritual was cast to erase the knowledge of her existance in order to protect her from the invading Lorec army. And it was more important to the Queen to keep her daughter out of the hands of the invaders no matter the cost. And the immediate cost was the lives of almost everyone in the captial.

She hasn’t offered more information about herself, but by all accounts, she is an extremely accomplished ritualist, able to preserve in the middle of the Sands as well as to find a clever way to survive the invasion of the Naga who claimed to be the Queen of the Drylands. She also bares signs of being a devout worshipper of the Anscestors.

Arianna ‘Rina’ Aedwynn

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