Lady Reiss

The former Blood representative in Tor Sera.


She is a handsome woman, usually smartly dressed in the red and black colors commonly identified with The Blood.


She is unhappy of being stationed at Tor Sera, but is fair to those seeking her assistance. She is also a surprising supporter of keeping the peace for being one of the Blood. She has been put in the post of Lorec’s overseer of Tor Sera, and did well despite the citizen’s hatered of their occupiers, as well the interference of a rather sizable collection of corrupted guards from Lorec. However, she was ousted from power by Lord Tresker, who Teathered her and assumed her position.

After Lord Tresker’s plans of unleashing the Sands within the walls of Tor Sera, Lady Reiss escaped her watchers and managed to join the escape from the doomed city.

Lady Reiss

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