Korrigan Irongate

Erathis's Wrathful Hand


Level 6 Avenger

-Stats | STR: 10 (3) | CON: 11 (3) | DEX: 10 (3) | INT: 18 (7) | WIS: 19 (7) | CHA: 8 (2)

-Defenses | AC: 23 | FORT: 17 | REF: 21 | WILL: 21

-Skills | Acrobatics: 3 | Arcana: 7 | Athletics: 8 (Trained) | Bluff: 2 | Diplomacy: 2 | Dungeoneering: 7 | Endurance: 8 (Trained) | Heal: 7 | History: 7 | Insight: 7 | Intimidate: 7 (Trained) | Nature: 7 | Perception: 12 (Trained) | Religion: 12 (Trained) | Stealth: 8 (Trained) | Streetwise: 2 | Thievery: 3

-Other numbers | Max HP: 55 | Bloodied Value: 27 | Surge Value: 13 | Surges per day: 7 | Speed: 6 | Initiative: 4 | Passive Insight: 17 | Passive Perception: 22

-Magic Items and other equipment | Weapon: Pinning Fullblade +2 (dmg 1d12, crit 1d12 + 2d6) | 2nd Weapon: Crossbow (dmg 1d8) | Implement: Symbol of Hope +1 (crit 1d6) | Armor: Bloodthread Armor +1 (AC +1) | Neck: Amulet of Protection +2 (NADS +2)


Impatient, dour, untrusting… Korrigan is a man quick to condemn and slow to forgive. In his eyes, there a few truly innocent in the world, only sinners yet unpunished. With a devotion only a step or two shy of fanaticism to his patron goddess, Erathis, Goddess of Civilization, he seeks to punish those he perceives as evil.

Korrigan is a member of a family descended from survivors of Daelin, a family piously devoted to Erathis. From a young age he could feel his Goddess’s touch in all of the things he held dear, and could not understand why so few people still worshiped the Gods, Erathis in particular. In time, his confusion turned to disgust. Clearly humanity had degenerated and needed to be brought back into line.

While the local clergy were sympathetic at best to Korrigan’s plight they offered nothing useful – until a traveling Cleric of Erathis caught wind of the boy’s frustration and directed him to a little known monastery where a sect of holy warriors trained acolytes to journey forth and enforce Erathis’s will by strength of arms. Korrigan was eager to join and indeed found many like-minded souls there. He spent the next decade and a half honing his skills, and dreaming of the day Erathis would be accorded the reverence she deserved by the ungrateful peoples that populated her cities.

Eventually, Korrigan left the monastery to begin his crusade in Erathis’s name. Eventually he came to the city of Tor Sera, capital of the freshly conquered nation of Falcatta. This was a city desperately in need of Erathis’s touch, and he resolved to do what he could to bring order to the city. To call his skill at social interaction unpolished would be an understatement, but he reluctantly conceded that this was a task he would not be able to undertake alone. Indeed, even to try would be an affront to his Goddess, who values teamwork and cooperation as cornerstones of civilization. Eventually, he found a group of companions who, while occasionally difficult for him to tolerate, were nonetheless good people and did much to further Erathis’s will.

After several grand adventures, tragedy struck and the city Korrigan hoped to see thrive was wiped out in a day by the machinations of Lord Tresker. Scarcely able to imagine a greater affront to his Goddess, Korrigan now seeks Lord Tresker’s head – and, indeed, for their apparent support of Lord Tresker’s actions, now considers all of the Blood of Lorec to be enemies of Erathis.

The tool by which Lord Tresker accomplished his foul deed, the Shoui Orb, has struck a chord with Korrigan as well. A strange vision seems to tie the heroic actions of one of Korrigan’s ancestors – a man Korrigan’s family believes to have been pivotal in stopping the advance of the Sands – to the Shoui Orb. Korrigan believes that the Blood uses the Orb to control the Sands…

Korrigan Irongate

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