Lieutenant Fanroth

A handsome and ambitious Lorec guard


Dark, tall and charming. He is what many women would swoon over.


While young at the time of the War of Consolidation, he won a fair amount of distinctions while serving in the Black Ravens, earning him his post in Tor Sera. He has made a name for himself for finding criminals and earning convictions. He was an avid hater of Falcattans, and made no attempt to disguise such feelings. His tastes for women were also slightly disturbing, as he intended on wooing young Tessa Aellwen, a girl who was barely 16, well under half his age. Had it not been for the fact that her father Gareth Aellwen understood the significance of Fanroth’s attentions, the situation may have concluded in Fanroth’s favor. This led to Gareth being killed by Fanroth’s manservant Toreg Sigil. However, the truth of this murder was eventually revealed, and Fanroth was killed by Lady Reiss with a dagger to the throat.

Lieutenant Fanroth

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