Cyndine Aedwynn

Former Queen of Falcatta


Before the war, Cyndine was known as a kind and fair ruler. She was forced to take the crown after her father’s death at the hands of a Wildblood incursion when she was 19 years old. Even while young she managed to win the hearts of her countrymen and women. Her rulings strengthened the Order of Warders, improved farming in the north country, and for a long time she managed to hold honest and diplomatic overtures with Lorec.

When war broke out she forced the Warders to maintain their neutrality, however, she was unable to sway her consort, and Warder general, Banaar Wynfreid from taking the field in her defense. Her armies held a distinct edge over the Lorec troops through excellent marshalling, but various betrayals within the ruling houses turned the tide against Falcatta.

The final recorded battle was at the gates of the Falcattan capital, Celes. Banaar Wynfreid, his legendary, but eshausted troop of Falcons, and nearly the entire citizenry of the city made their last stand, attempting to cut their way out of the siege. It was a massacre. While Banaar’s body was never recovered at the battle scene, it was later learned that he had breifly escaped the battle, with the Mikado (his and Cyndine’s only daughter). The father and daughter were killed as they attempted a second escape.

Since the battle, Celes was fully occupied by the Lorec contingent and Cyndine has been under house arrest. Cyndine has been reported to occasionally visit the Palace Garden, appearently, the only recreation allowed by her captors.

Cyndine Aedwynn

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