Lazy mage, Lorec guard


He wears robes reminicant of the old Daelin style, and has a very relaxed feeling about him at all times (even when under pressure). However, he’s a fairly lazy fellow, so he generally takes the easy way out.


Not much is known about Critwall. He’s fairly lax on any details regarding himself, and his loyalty is also questionable. What is known is that he was hired to prevent the PCs from stopping the trial of Thomas Blackgrove, and was paid a hefty sum to do so. He was also hired regarding the kidnapping of the children from the orphanage of Kord, however he chafed at this job and ended up creating a way for the PCs to foil his employer (Jeras Falck’s) plan. It seems as Critwall (while enjoying getting paid for odd jobs) has some sort of conscience.

More has been revealed about Critwall. Apparently, he was imprisoned along with his sister for some minor crimes in the capital of Lorec. He was allowed to be Teathered and freed to work off his and his sister’s debt. Apparently, Lord Tresker also was using the sister as leaverage to intimidate Critwall into some unsavory tasks.

He is currently with Lord Tresker.


Ciril Osyluth