Arrogar Lynnth

Grizzled captain of the legendary Falcon Battalion, right hand man of Banaar Wynfreid


Even before the War of Consolidation he was a heavily scarred man. While anyone would never call him handsome, none would dare call him weak. In the war he was an impressive leader, a fierce fighter and a sly Go player.


He grew up in Falcatta and did a short stint as a Warder. However rumblings of war called him from the border of Demon’s Path. He rose to the rank of Captain quickly, and earned the respect of the men underneath him. When war did break out, General Banaar Wynfreid himself requested Arrogar’s assistance, and together they slowed and punished the advance of the Lorec troops with the might of the Falcons. When Lorec marched on Celes, the Falcons marched leagues to reach the city before their enemies could strike the finishing blow. The unit, tired from the advance, and from previous battles fell at the walls and it appears that Arrogar was one of the few survivors. However, it now seems as if he has been captured by Lorec, and it appears as if he is being subjected to some horrifying torture. His current whereabouts and status are unknown.

Arrogar Lynnth

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