Andric Ellard

The figurehead of Tor Sera


A young man who looks older than he is. He wears rumpled clothes and hasn’t shaved in awhile. He seems a bit paranoid, and perhaps even a bit crazy…


During the siege of Tor Sera, when it was reported that his sister sold Lord Ellard to Lorec and fled with her prize, Andric was forced to take the mantle of leadership. In a play to save lives, he surrendered to the Lorec forces. However, with the city continuing to fall to lower and lower standards, many of its citizens are thinking that it was a bad decision. Andric has fallen out of favor with his citizens and now keeps to his manor as much as possible.

  • keeps a library
  • possesses an artifact ring

He was killed when Lord Tresker unleashed the Sands in the heart of Tor Sera.

Andric Ellard

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