Andoliath Dinn

An older Falcattan resident, ritualist


The years have not been kind to Andoliath. He is a perpetually nervous character, and his years of wondering about the fates of his family is now over.


He was a long time resident of Tor Sera. His son died in the War of Consolidation. His wife was crushed in the collapsing of a building during the siege of Tor Sera. Finally, his daughter-in-law was taken by a squad of Lorec soldiers after the city fell. It seems that she was fed to the creature under Vanamere’s tower. He has been a fairly accomplished ritualist that focuses in divinations and illusion. On accident, it seems that one of his rituals was hijacked somehow, and an image intended for the PCs became all too real, causing the death of Edward, the bard, as well as some strange visions. Andoliath feels horrible about this and has vowed to save the money required to bring Edward back to life.

Andoliath Dinn

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