The Woes of Tor Sera

The weary trail leads to a ruined town...

For various personal reasons a group of adventurers meet in the struggling city of Tor Sera, the once prosperous fortress of Falcatta. They congregate in a small, but well kept inn called Warder’s Hall run by a fetching young woman, Alyssia Wynd.

The group consists of -

However things are quickly thrown out of balance when a horde of demons appear and begin to kidnap people, Alyssia being one of them.

After a struggle with the local guards, they are summoned to attend the occupying Blood representative Lady Reiss. After admitting that the town is struggling to keep its own viability, she hires the group to find and rescue the citizens, if possible.

The party quickly tracks the group of demons through a smuggling tunnel and to the edge of the fabled and foreboding wood Demon’s Path, where a temple constructed from obsidian awaits. Inside the temple, they find a maddened Wildblooded wizard attempting to sacrifice the townsfolk in order to resurrect some of his slain comrades with the aid of a floating crystal.

They had almost defeated the wizard when the crystal seemed to turn on its owner, killing him. The act seemed purposeful, as the crystal also drew out a mote of energy from the mage’s body and absorbed before collapsing in on itself, imploding. After reviving the captured townsfolk and Alyssia Wynd, the party notices a secret door in the temple that leads to a room with a strange obsidian throne on a dais. In front of the throne there is a small pillar that looked like it should be the home of an orb or gem.

They are suddenly assaulted with painful and chaotic visions. A maddening rote could be barely be made out:
“Conflict pains me. Two desires, each equal in power and chaotic in nature. Completely different but with one similarity: Only the strong survive. So shall it be…

When the vision fades, the party noticed that the crystalline structure began glowing dimly, but something was moving amid them. A large windstorm of shattered crystals coalesced into some sort of guardian. Telepathically it queried the party:
One fell, Two turned and Two to face the storm. The door will open soon, but not for those without a key. Those without must perish!

Unable to meet the construct’s demands, the party managed to destroy it. However it left many unanswered questions as they returned victoriously to Tor Sera.



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