The Tear

Where does the Path lead?

Arriving in a seemingly secluded town (Wellspring), the party is looked at very suspiciously for being outsiders. However, when abomonations (Grells) attack the town, the party earns the respect of a local priestess of Ioun, Deirdre. After mentioning that they come from a different town, the priestess quickly becomes excited and asks to see if they were marked by the Demon. Apparently, at some point in time, the party obtained a tattoo on their back with a symbol associated with the Demon King. Having seen this, the priestess seems to be much more amiable.

Finally having an outlet for their questions, they find out that the residents of this town believe that they are the only settled civilization in the area. Apparently their Founder, a man by the name of Hassard, and his wife Alyssia (the two people predominently featured in the obsidian temples) had set roots for a brief time before continuing to the East. When he continued to the East a Tear was shed and it crystalized into an artifact that was used for centuries to keep the city safe from the monsterous creatures native to the area, however it was lost. Apparently people have been disappearing as of late, so an effort was made to recapture the old Library of Ioun to unconver the possible location of the Tear of Wellspring so combat whatever was preying on them. The last party, a reliable adventuring group that went by the name of The Stormcrows, was sent out to the old Library over a week ago, but they have not returned with any news, and the town is fearing that they were killed. Dierdre asks the party to seek out the fate of the Stormcrows, and perhaps to determine the state of the old Library.

The party accepts the job and heads out to find a group of mauraders, lead by none other than a former member of the Stormcrows, maddened to insanity. After capturing the crazy person and returning to Dierdre, they learn that she was affected by some malady that the priestess might be able to cure, however, it would take some time.

After discussing the ramifications, the party desides to split for a short time. Calyx Mnemnos, Korrigan Irongate, Erbrin Fencrasteil and Arianna ‘Rina’ Aedwynn would continue onto the Library of Ioun while Jonoven Tiere and Solomon would stay behind with Dierdre to assist curing the delirious Stormcrow and interrogate her after the fact.



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