The Library of Ioun

What caused this madness?

Finally getting to the Library of Ioun, Erbrin Fencrasteil, Korrigan Irongate, Calyx Mnemnos and Arianna ‘Rina’ Aedwynn see a fantastic site of a tower being pummeled by a waterfall, surrounded by dead bodies. The various states of the body betray a disturbing lack of similarity to the cause of their deaths. Some were torn apart, others looked starved, one one particularily disturbing body looked as if its head had simply grown off of it’s body, like a ripe fruit dropping from a tree.

Using his symbol of Erathis, Korrigan Irongate managed to open the main door to the tower where upon the party was assulted by two other insane members of the Stormcrows. One physically disfigured, with a distending eyestalks, the other seemingly sweating slime. The one coated in slime, imparted the knowledge that something had happened at the top of the tower that had done the mental and phsycial damage to their party, and that the Stormcrow’s leader, Elomir, now insane, had sent the Grells to Wellspring.

Fighting their way to the top of the tower, the party encountered Elomir at the apex who demanded that the party give him the Tear, having (in his opinion) stolen it with dread arcane magicks. He pointed at a spot on the floor that was darkened with a greenish yellow substance.

The fight was too much for the weakened party, but at the moment of their defeat, Arianna ‘Rina’ Aedwynn grimaced and withdrew a crystal container attached to her necklace and crushed it. She immediately collapsed, and a shard of what was apparently her soul was extracted from her body and shattered, causing a wave of radiant energy to rejuvinate the heroes. With their newfound second wind, the party manages to defeat Elomir and his Grell minions, however, Rina appears to have died…



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