The Great Race - Part 2

The race seems to have only just started.

A secondary attack by royal Lorec drakeblooded troops and a griffon brings the party almost to their knees, but when the smoke cleared, the assembled group is victorious. High Priestess Ionne seems very thankful, and introduces the group to Critwall’s sister, Raine.

Raine is a ravenhaired youth. She wears a fancy choaker that appears to be surpressing whatever powers she has. When asked about it, she claims that she needs to wear it for the safety of those around her.

High Priestess Ionne then speaks directly to Solomon, claiming to know exactly what he was here for (Arrogar Lynnth). She begans to tell him to go to the Rithus Prison, when the tree she was standing under changes into a mountain of man with an axe. It is the same man who ambushed the caravan housing the Shoui Orb and captured Graythall (The Orb of Water – Part 1). The man slices into her savegely, bringing her down to the ground. It is a quick battle but just at the end, the man makes one last break toward High Priestess Ionne and finishes her off with his last swing of his axe.

Leaving the Priestess behind, hoping that the Lorec troops will revive her, the party races to Rithus Prison, hoping that they can infiltrate the prison before troops come to reinforce the ones they had eliminated. Jonoven manages to convince the remaining guard that he was bringing prisoners from the tower battle in, assisted by the presence of Raine. Slipping in, the party finds a hideaway that seems to be intended for Falcatta nobility, where they manage to take an uninterrupted rest. Erbrin finds a tapestry showing an old scene with the Falcattan Royal family in it. Strangely, the girl from the shared vision (Horrid Dreams), (Rina) is present, held by Queen Cyndine Aedwynn. Erbrinfeels that she is actually the Queen’s daughter, which is strange, as there was never any mention or even rumor of a Falcattan Princess. Also strange is that the 5-10 year old tapestry shows Rina at about the same age as she was in the vision.

Finally rested, the party converges on the area where they figure that the tortured Arrogar Lynnth is being held. In a chamber surrounded by water, just outside of Arrogar’s cell, is none other than the supposedly dead Captain Graythall. His body has changed from their last meeting, as half of him appears to be changed into draconic features. He’s got an elongated, clawed arm, and wings. In a rage he focuses his attacks on Solomon, driving him into a water chamber trap. Erbrin manages to get Solomon out of the trap, and a coordinated attack brings down the enraged swordmage.

Quickly rescuing Arrogar Lynnth, and retriving Raine, the party breaks out of the prison through the front gates, taking out a half a dozen archers on the way.

Making a beeline out of Sergwyn, the party meets up with Andoliath Dinn.

The next destination is Celes...



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