The Great Race - Part 1

A chance to get some answers, but can they run fast enough?

The day of the race, the party is ambushed on the way to the start line. A group of ruffians, led by a set of twins who had registered for the race decided that the best way to win said race would be to reduce the competetion. However, they miscalculated a bit. The party withstood the assult, but a lucky strike killed Erbrin.

Thankfully, the race is postponed to the afternoon when this underhandedness is revealed to the local authorities. Erbrin is brought back to life at a discounted rate, and the race is back on track.

The race is a slog accross town with a treacherous climb at the very end. Khalid’s brother, Sarnos, is in the running along with a mountain of a man named Two-Teeth. It was technically a three-way tie with Solomon, but a decisive domination by Jonoven saved the win for Solomon.

However, when Solomonapproached the victory grounds where High Priestess Ionne awaited with the prize, he was attacked by the Lorec guards. A furious battle takes place as the remainder of the party scambles up the tower. Khalid attempts to turnthe battle against his brother, but it is only slightly effective. Sarnos, seemingly upset retreats from the tower on an Obsidian Fly, claims that he could have been an ally to his brother.

When the battle clears, a few things quickly become apparent. High Priestess Ionne seems more than willing to help the party out, a young girl who looks very similar to Critwall is present, and a second wave of soldiers are on their way. Some by air, and some climbing up the steps on the inside of the tower. It seems like the party will only be able to take a quick breather before adversity strikes again…



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