Race to the Gate

Rina's Revelation!

After having been restored from stone, Arianna ‘Rina’ Aedwynn reveals that she has been hiding here since the war ended, and that her youthful ritual experimentation may have been the trigger for the War of Consolidation in the first place. Apparently, she had an affinity to Demon’s Path and through a ritual managed to achieve a resonance with a location within the accursed forest. Lorec learned of the results of this ritual and their offensive was mounted soon after.

Arianna ‘Rina’ Aedwynn seemed to easily trust the group and mentioned that it was imperitive to get to the location that she resonated with in Demon’s Path. The reason for this rush was that the Demon’s Path while spoken of as a forest now, is actually a route taken by the old Demon King when he obtained the power to become the terrifying despot over a thousand years ago. The artifact apparently still remains out there, and the fear resides within Arianna ‘Rina’ Aedwynn that Lorec will most definately abuse its power (as witnessed in Tor Sera).

After a frightening dash across The Sands with Reapers in persuit, the party along with Arianna ‘Rina’ Aedwynn reach Falcatta. Arianna ‘Rina’ Aedwynn repeats her ritual to get the location of the ‘First Gate’. Meanwhile, Calyx Mnemnos surprisingly meets her older brother, Sarnos Mnemnos, who seems to be quite partial to her. He mentions that Lorec troops seem to be swelling in the area, and to be careful. In addition, Calyx Mnemnos suffers from some horrible flashbacks due to this meeting where she saw herself holding a dagger, and some people were attempting to batter down a door that she had locked.

After Arianna ‘Rina’ Aedwynn’s ritual completes, the party sets off into Demon’s Path, where they are ambushed by a Lorec troop led by a hulking man by the name of Gon who had powers over the shadows, whom had some connection to Jonoven Tiere. While the party was able to defeat the troop, it quickly became apparent that their weapons were coated with a poison that caused unconsiousness.

When the party awoke it quickly became apparent that they were captured and being held by a near mad Lorec-aligned ‘Doctor’. The Doctor was bent on acheiving entrance to the First Gate. To do so, he was performing experiments on ‘volunteers’. However, after capturing Rina, they were intent on forcing her to open the First Gate by ritual. Solomon was sent through a rift that the Doctor managed to tear open, but the tear caused the death of the people who entered. They were about to throw an unconsious Jonoven Tiere through the Gate as well, but the rest of the party managed to escape their bonds and kill the Doctor.

Entering the Gate, they managed to save the bleeding out Solomon.



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