Passing through the First Gate

The First Steps

In the first antechamber of the Gate’s Entryway there is nothing except the statue of a six armed humanoid (and the corpses of the Doctor’s failed ‘experiments’). Also, Arianna ‘Rina’ Aedwynn seems to have reverted back to the form of a child that she had back in the Dream.

After the party rested, the statue seems to activate and it begins to speak, thanking the party for their sacrifices for traveling the Path. The statue seems to have two separate voices, one seemingly nervous and parinoid, the other calm and haughty. It continued to warn the party that the Path will only allow the Strong to survive, but satisfied with whatever power it drew from the group, it seemed to open a doorway to allow the party to proceed.

The Path forward was straightforward, though a circular hallway made out of a contiguous piece of wood that had the scent of rot. Along the Path, interesting murals decorated the ceiling of the Demon King as well as a group of heroes who had finally defeated the beastial ruler. Among them was the man and woman featured in many of the obsidian temples, as well as a previously unseen female holy warrior.

After being thwarted by traps and undead, the party encountered a sickly looking lich, who seemed to take pleasure in new challengers to its domain. Even in defeat it seemed pleased. As the creature turned to dust, it claimed that its last pleasurable fight was against the Demon King and his two advisors. Another gate opened behind him, allowing the party a way out of this decaying dimension.

Sunlight assailed the group as they appeared in a virdent wood after passing through the Gate. Soon after the party was approached by a group of beautiful women. With an amazing bluff Solomon convinced the women that they were allies of the Demon King. They seemed pleased by the news, and departed, revealing that they were the King’s Woodwives, waiting for his return.

In the distance, the party noticed the smoke of a healthy sized town…



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