Horrid Dreams

A ritual gone wrong...

Andoliath Dinn attempts a ritual unbeknownst to the party which is supposed to send a vision to them. However the ritual went horribly wrong.

It started out normally, with Andoliath showing the party a vision of what had happened three years previously, with the Lorec instigated kidnapping of citizens, including that of his daughter in-law who were never seen again. However the ritual diverged in a way that Andoliath didn’t expect, as the party suddenly finds itself in the middle of the suddenly very real vision. They are taken captive by a younger looking Captain Graythall, hooded and herded into a wagon that takes them to a dungeon. When they are unhooded, they find themselves in various cells, along with some other captured citizens, a disoriented young girl of about 14 years old, and a madman with no eyes who hangs impaled on the wall, wounds healed around the peircings.

The party breaks out of the cells, along with the girl and a couple of the citizens when Solomon makes the discovery that the madman is the person he came to Tor Sera to find, Arrogar Lynnth. Arrogar begs Solomon to stop his visions, which the warrior sadly grants. They young girl finally seeming to accept what is going on introduces herself as Rina.

The party begins to look for an exit, when they come across a horrible scene. A catwalk-like path arches over a room completely covered in deformed spiders. Below are more spiders, cultists, and a huge door locked by some sort of magical seal. A magic circle, also below throbs with warding energy as well. Within the circle is an arm which looks to have been torn out of its socket. It sounds as if the cultists are trying to break the seal. A quick search above reveals a floating orb in an adjoining room which might just be the fabled Shoui Orb. However it seems to have been corrupted as well, with red blood swirling within. Upon approaching the Orb, Khalid al-Nichta’s armband suddenly flares with heat. The crystal imbedded within shatters and a mote of energy which seemed to have been contained within floats over, and is absorbed into the Orb.

Rina, urging speed, suggests they leave as soon as possible. Her eyes look in fear at the sealed door below. Korrigan, fascinated by the arm gets Erbrin to nab it with magic as the ritual concludes and the seal fails. The door opens and something horrible emerges. The party races to escape, as the ‘thing’ follows, whispering maddening thoughts to them telepathically. They manage to find a secret passageway and duck into it to allow themselve a respite.

Korrigan Irongate takes the time to examine the arm and finds a disturbing family ring on the hand. Meanwhile Khalid begins to hear whispers in some of the adjoining cells of this passageway. With the help of Rina, he is able to track down the voice, who claims to be his sister. Confused and concerned, he reluctantly agrees to house her spirit. Rina, who is increasingly familiar for some reason to Erbrin, as well as extremely insightful, seems finally understand what is going on. She explains that the vision is decidedly real enough to die in, and the creature that was just awakened could do even worse should it catch them. She also shares her suspicion that the vision is a symbolic mirror of the past, present and future and that they should take special note of these events.

However, their discussions seem to have attracted spirits of Khalid’s past, namely, two of his ghostly brothers. Jonoven is killed in the ensuing battle, but the party manages to find the exit, just as the creature from beyond the sealed door discovers the secret door. However, upon exiting, they find themselves in a ruined fortress in the middle of the Sands. Rina, unfazed seems to realize that the vision is coming to an end and wishes them well in their journey.

Most of the party awakes back in Tor Sera. Jonoven has died. Andoliath appologizes to no end, however, he is still unable to determine what went wrong. He vows to restore Jonoven back to life, when he can afford it.

Meanwhile the questions of who Rina was, and what significance the vision was remain unanswered.



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