Following the Trail - Part 2

The Temple of Basalt

The party headed out into the desert the next day, following the silver cord. As they traveled, Calyx Mnemnos saw a strange solitary figure standing or perhaps hovering atop a dune. She notified the rest of the party, but they were unable to locate the figure. Calyx persuaded the party to ambush the figure seeing as they were in the Sands. However, as Calyx circled around the rest of the party had a bad feeling when they still couldn’t locate the figure. While they tried to warn the monk, they were too late. Her dagger struck out, and seemingly passed through the creature. It turned around, and she saw the horror of the Sands, a Reaper. It looked humanoid in nature, however, it’s eyes and mouth looked sewn shut. It had six arms which seemed to be double jointed. Instead of hands, there were bone blades with hooks, as if it were specially designed to keep a prey in it’s grasp. However, the most horrifying feature was it’s chest. An unearthly maw gaped open. Layers of sharp teeth only partially hid what looked like an infinate space of emptiness within. The Reaper quickly netted Calyxwithin it’s horrible grasp, but she managed to tear herself away. A mad scramble brought the party back to the silver cord, where strangely, the creature lost interest, as if it couldn’t see the party anymore.

Shaken from the encounter, the party decided to make haste to where the cord led to. Surprisingly, the cord led to a fortress in the Sands made of basalt. It didn’t have the same trademarks as the obsidian temples, but the cord went straight to the front gates. It wasn’t long before the party noticed that the fortress wasn’t abandoned, as it was crawling with minions of the ‘Queen of the Drylands’. These minions were nothing like enemies the party had seen before. Monsters and humanoids working together, in the service of this ‘Queen’…



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