Following the Trail - Part 1

Following the Queen’s advice, the party heads toward the nearest obsidian temple to look for traces of how to track down Rina.

The nearest happened to be one north of Nymdon.

On the way to the town, Khalid al-Nichta attempted a ritual to bring his sister’s spirit forth, using specific items that he had gathered. Something happened that went wrong. There was another surge of energy from the Dream World that caused the ritual to go awry. In a flash of light, Khalid disappears, and his magic items turned to residuum. In his place is a young woman, the sister whose spirit he tried to call forth, Calyx Mnemnos. However, she is suffering from some sort of mental malidy which has torn holes in her memories. After a tense situation, where the party didn’t know Calyx’s loyalties, and Calyx not even knowing there was a War of Consolidation. However, when recent events have been explained to her, she claimed that her goals were aligned with the party and offered to travel with them.

Finally making it to Nymdon, the party stopped for some fresh air. Surprisingly, they met up with Critwall, briefly. He was there to collect his sister, Raine, and to thank the party for saving her from certain death. He related some of the events after their departure, including his flight from a Lorec encampment just before Lord Tresker learned that the party was still alive. Apparently the Lorec guards in Celes managed to connect the dots with the dead squad and a group of well equipped adventurers (who had some similar traits to people who were supposed to be dead) leaving the city shortly after. Andoliath Dinn and Arrogar Lynnth also decide to part ways. The old ritualist knows his limits, and he was never made for traveling anywhere near danger. As for Solomon’s former captain, he’s also in no great shape from his captivity.

The party then heads for the temple, where they are ambushed by a group of stoutblooded bounty hunters, who apparently noticed that the party was wanted by Lorec in town. They were dispatched with only a little trouble.

Heading onward, the party made it to the northern obsidian temple. Having been in one before, the door wasn’t even an obsticle. The temple shared similarities with the one found in The Woes of Tor Sera. Obsidian statues of two unknown people, (a male with a bastard sword, a woman with a lyre and strange facial features), and a back room with a crystal crystal chair. Whether by coincidence, memory, or something planted behind, Erbrin has a vision of three symbols which allow the party to activate the chair. Solomon volunteers to be the one to do the sitting, and it is a good thing. The ritual caused some sort of energy to surge through the warrior, and it forcefully drew some essence from him. The room disappeared in a blinding light, and the next thing the party knew is that they were standing in the middle of Demon’s Path. Jonoven and Erbrin make out a etheral silver cord that trails off into the distance. After consulting, the two ritualists come to the conclusion that they were transported, but the destination symbol was either corrupted, or the crystal device in the obsidian temple they were attempting to get to was damaged. The silver cord apparently is a fail-safe to guide a traveler to their destination.

The party doesn’t need to travel too far before Demon’s Path opens up to a small village that appears to be sandwiched between Demon’s Path and the Sands. In the village there is a scream. The party bolts to the rescue and manages to kill a Behir and a powerfull gnoll (known as The Warden in the village). Apparently the Warden has been coming to the village from the Sands, demanding supplies for the Queen of the Drylands. Whatever is going on here, it seems to be on the path of silver cord, as the etheral string continues out into the Sands…



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